Interview with Alexandra Elvova

Please, introduce yourself..

I am Alexandra Elvova and I live in Saarbrücken, which is in Germany . I was born on September 16 th 1988, so I am 16 years old.

How and from whom did you learn to play draughts?

My father taught me how to play draughts. Actually I played on 64 squares for a long time. In that discipline I was second on the European Championship and sixth on the World Championship. I haven't played on 100 squares for a long time and I haven't been very successful yet.

With whom do you train, and how much?

I mainly train by myself and sometimes with my father, since he is also my trainer. I can't really say how often I train. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes little, if I have to study for school.

What is your goal in draughts?

I want to achieve the first place on the World Championship!

Sandra (on the left) against Danuta Zioltkowski during the Aken-Open in 2004

Are you going to win the tournament?

I think anyone could win the tournament.

Have you been in the Netherlands before? If so, what do you think about our country?

Yes, I've been in the Netherlands before. I think it's cool and beautiful.

Tell me about your hobbies...

My hobbies are tennis, basketball and I like reading interesting books.

Are you already looking forward to the tournament?

Yes, I'm looking forward to it. A basketball tournament was scheduled in the same period and I felt like playing there, but I am looking forward to the draughts tournament even more!

Interview with Agne Bucinskaite
Please, introduce yourself

I am an 18 years old girl and I live in Siauliai, Lithuania. This year I will graduate from the gymnasium. Besides draughts I am interested in music, movies, books and basketball, which is a national sport in Lithuania.

Who taught/teaches you how to play draughts?
I can't say I ever had a real trainer or attended sessions. My father thought me the basics of counting when I started playing Russian draughts, while he is a Russian draughts player. I purchased books and studied on my own for the further knowledge. Afterwards, friends gave me advices and material to study, yet now I am given digital lessons by Rik Keurentjes.
What is your best result ever?
5 th place in WC girls in 2003.
What are your expectations about the tournament?

It will be a high level, well organized tournament of young and talented players. I am too superstitious to predict something. Although I hope to get more experienced in draughts, communicate with various people from abroad and have a wonderful week in a beautiful country.

How do you like Groningen?

It will be the 3rd time in my life when I visit Groningen . I was amazed that this city maintained it's unique architecture, provides variety of outdoor activities. There's an infinity of bikes in the streets and a terrific draughtsclub. People are very hospitable and friendly.